Monday, August 26, 2013

"View from the Bedroom"

"View from the Bedroom"

This is another from my recent series of the 'dogtrot' homestead built in 1913. To give you perspective, you are standing in the middle bedroom, looking through the doorway into the family room. To the left, out of sight, is another bedroom. Behind you, is another doorway which leads to the breezeway between the two sections of the home. The sun is setting, so there's a warm, red glow coming from the breezeway.

From this perspective, you can see a lot of the character of these old homesteads. Here are some random things you may notice: the wonderful wood texture throughout, the five-panel door with original knob and keyhole, simple window panes with the window 'shades' that were often used in that period, the interior of the fireplace in the family room is all brick, the layered-woodwork of the mantle, and the warm, red sunlight glow from the setting sun outside.

I really like the light and shadows, which seems to add even more to the character of this place. If only these walls and doors could talk...

Location: central Arkansas.
Photo # KS3_1383-92h3.

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