Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Town Square"...

In Madison County, there's a quaint, small town with two, intersecting highways and a town square that still has the flavor of what once was. The town square includes the general store, "Grandpa's Flea Market", a public library, bank, fire department and more. In this photograph, you see the west side of the town square, and in the distance you see where the highways lead you - into the rolling hills, valleys and clouds.

I took extra time on this composition. Notice all the leading lines: the building's lines on the left, the hand rail, the telephone lines, the double-stripe highway lines and roof lines. :)

Location: Kingston, Arkansas.
You can purchase this print here: kellyshipp.zenfolio.com/p315378808/h6123aeec#h6123aeec

Photo reference # IM3_2086-93hbws2. Aug/2013.

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