Wednesday, April 5, 2023

"Craftsman Cave"...

You may remember my past photos of Paul V. from Madison County, Arkansas. I recently spent time with him and produced more photos of his work and talents.
Some men have a "man cave", but Paul has a 'craftsman cave'.  You won't find any HD TV's nor couches, instead you'll see a workshop of projects, tools, and parts. The tools and machines are a mix of those he has made himself, and others vintage yet still working. In this photograph, you'll see some projects in-progress including hand-made string instruments on the table. On the far right, you'll see a working lathe machine. This is just one corner of his many wood-working talents.

I respect and appreciate the time spent with Paul. He's very humble, yet he has so much broad and depth of knowledge in making things himself. More photos to come.

Madison County, Arkansas.
Photo # K03_3471c2.

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