Thursday, August 6, 2020

The White-tailed Buck

The White-tailed buck, Odocoileus virginianus, has a strong stance. An adult buck can stand 4-feet at the shoulders and can average 150 lbs. Here are some interesting facts. Deer antlers fall off once a year, while cattle horns grow year-round. Antlers are the fastest growing known bone tissue on earth. Studies show that their vision is dichromatic (two photopigment types, allowing them to see in shades of blue and yellow), not seeing reds or oranges as well, making them more sensitive to blue colors. This is another benefit of them feeding early & late in the day, when the light is more blue. Their sight is also more sensitive to UV light. They have extremely sensitive Olfactory (small nerve) receptor cells throughout their nose, some studies showing they have a total of 300 million cells, 80 million more cells than dogs. White-tailed deer are the state animal of 9 states.

(c) Kelly Shipp Photography. Photo # 200699_KS10195. Sept, 2006.

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