Sunday, July 16, 2017

"An Arkansas Craftsman, Study II"...

This is another from my series of portraits of Paul V.
A true craftsman, Paul V. lives up near Huntsville, Arkansas. He has many stories and skills that some argue will be lost in the coming generations. He's holding another of his skilled results. As we talked in his shop, he pulled a few of his homemade knives and began to tell me how he's made them over the years. He also makes fiddles, guitars and banjos, and works on his cars and trucks. At first glance of this photo, you may think he's quite rough around the edges, but actually this is one of his many smiles. (ha) He's a great guy and actually quite camera shy. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome.

Photo # KS3_0858bw. August, 2013.
(c) Kelly Shipp Photography.


Unknown said...

There is so much character in this wonderful gentleman's face, and you have captured that beautifully, Kelly.

Kelly Shipp said...

Thanks Lisa!