Saturday, June 10, 2017

"Delightful Outtakes"...

A few years ago, I was honored and commissioned to photograph this vibrant and friendly soul, alongside one of her passions, of course: cars! JoAnne and Robert are one of the friendliest couples you'll ever meet. They're always finding something to laugh about and their passion for cars (especially Porsches) can keep anyone entertained for hours. Even though I titled this photograph an outtake, it's reaches far beyond. The details of this photograph tells such a wonderful story of both JoAnne and Robert - always fun, laughing, humble, compassionate and always in close proximity of a special car. And good luck finding a spec of dirt in their garage! (jealous)

JoAnne T., Sept, 2011.
Photo # KS0_9328abw2.
(c) Kelly Shipp Photography.

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