Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"The Race"...

Recently, I was honored and invited by Canon to be one of a select group to be the first to use their new tool for the Project Imagination "The Trailer" contest. I only had one afternoon to shoot this. No planning. Basically, just shoot, upload, edit and publish!
For any of you who enjoy shooting video, this is an awesome tool that allows you to edit the video clips, mix in still photos, and it even includes optional background music and voice-overs! You can choose from a variety of themes/genre's. Really cool stuff. If you enjoy shooting movies, this is a cool way to create a trailer for your movie. And the best part: if you enter the contest and win, Ron Howard will direct a film based on your trailer! Cool.
Watch the trailer that I had created for Canon's Project Imagination "The Trailer" contest website: https://imagination.usa.canon.com/gallery#trailer-332963152

A special thanks goes out to Tom & Luke Oxner for allowing me to photograph/video them on very short notice. Thanks guys!

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