Friday, September 5, 2014

"One of the Best DJ's"...

In 1993, I was given the opportunity to photograph and interview Craig O'Neill during his morning show on KURB (B98.5). He was in his second year at B98.5 and was well known for his prank telephone calls and incredible wit and humor. In this photograph, you can see what it looked like behind the controls of running a popular, morning radio show. This is pre-digital, so you can see a lot of DAT's and CD's. There is even more off-screen to the left and right. The rack of DAT's on the far right contained many sound-effects used during the show. In this photograph, he's actually pausing during a commercial.
I have a variety of stories and fun photos from that experience. I hope to find my audio tapes from the interview. There's one question I asked him, which the answer will surprise you.

(For those of you outside of Arkansas, you may not know this radio personality. "Craig O'Neill" spent the most of three decades in radio.)

May, 1993. Fujichrome 100.
Photo # People_1_3a.
(c) Kelly Shipp Photography.

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Lisa Gordon said...

He sounds like quite a character, Kelly.
I hope you are able to find the audio tapes.