Friday, August 1, 2014

"Fun Times"...

Here's another from my series of portraits of Paul V.
This is Paul resting in his 1930 Ford Model A. He can tell you exactly which original parts he's replaced on this truck. This is arguably his favorite truck, which he still drives and maintains. He can tell you something about every inch of the truck, and often with a good story. He can also tell you the gas mileage for each season. An interesting fact: the windshield wiper is hand-cranked from inside the cab. He's had many offers to buy the truck, but has turned them all down. He said that if & when he decides to sell, he wants it to go to an owner who will respect the history. Hope you enjoy.
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Due to the popularity of this series, I may post several more over the coming weeks/months as I get free time.
Location: near Huntsville, Arkansas. August/2013.
Photo # IM3_1614bw.
(c) Kelly Shipp Photography.

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Lisa Gordon said...

It sure is a beauty, Kelly!