Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Doorway to the Past"...

You are standing in the center of a hallway of a home built in 1917 and had been lived in until just a few years ago. The room you are looking into is the family room, of which condition is arguably preserved from the 1950's. I turned off all the lights, so the only light is the sun coming through the windows. You are standing in a hallway that has 12-foot ceilings and is approx. 10 feet wide. This hallway includes double-doors at each end, giving it the "dogtrot" (breezeway) style of house. Nothing was moved for this photograph. I found the juxtaposition of natural light, position of the chair and doorway very captivating. Imagine the stories you could hear from this hallway. Each of the five rooms, including the front porch, led to this hallway.

Backstory: My father is very close to the generations of family that lived here.
Location: Mitchell's homestead, near Hope, Arkansas.
Related photos: Photo # IM3_5361h4 is the front porch of this home.

Photo # IM3_5684-90h2bw3.
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Lisa Gordon said...

How fortunate you were to be able to photograph this, and the lighting add so much. Have a great weekend!