Saturday, February 23, 2013


Something drew me to this view, which was a window view into an entryway to what was once the Cardon Bottom school gym. This gym was built in 1936, but had burned some years ago. What's left is mostly rubble and the strong, rock walls. If you look closely, you will see a perfect cross above the next doorway. I found this fascinating and felt this is what drew me to photograph this area.

To what may be a surprise to you, this cross is a surprising juxtaposition of "crossbeams" that have fallen but continue to live on. There are so many messages, I'll leave you to interpret your own. Following this post, I will post a follow-up photograph of that room that the "crossbeam" is located. This may surprise you:

Hope you enjoy.

Orig # IMG_6481hbws
Location: Arkansas.
(c) Kelly Shipp Photography

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