Thursday, January 20, 2011

A few random images from 2007...

The all-natural habitat can be visually interesting when you're amidst it in life-size dimensions.

This 'posing' Mantis was as mesmerized as I was. It posed perfectly for this image, of which I'm still amazed. The juxtaposition of its legs are almost perfect. Hope you enjoy.

Another of which is purely natural. The 'rays of light' are actually out-of-focus blades of grass. The background is actually the sky. I did spend a few extra seconds composing just the right angle to get the composition I wanted. This could easily be a still frame from a sci-fi movie. Hope you enjoy.


Lori Latimer said...

I love the intricacy of the creatures you have photographed, or captured here. Beautiful work

Kelly Shipp said...

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback and comments.