Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pros and Cons of Geotagging images

There's a lot of talk about geotagging, more specifically to landscape and nature photographers. For the Nikon owners, there are already some great GPS devices that auto-tag via the 10-pin port, and there are other devices which are more 'standalone' and sync-up via USB or Bluetooth.

Standalone devices:
My favorite pick here is the PhotoTrackr product line. The Pro version allows you to sync the Geotags to RAW or JPG images. You can also display a "trip route playback", which is cool. What I like about the standalone concept is that it doesn't use the 10-pin connector (in-case you want to use a remote release, etc), etc, and it has it's own battery source. This is convenient even when you're not taking photographs.

Nikon options:
Each of these units connect directly via the 10-pin connector and can either be attached to a camera strap or on the hot shoe.
If you want something that automatically geocodes your images as you take them, the DP-GPS N2 seems like a good choice. What's nice about this product is that you have the option for it to use it's own battery supply or the camera's. Another similar choice is the di-GPS Pro. Do your research and decide which features you like best.

The trick to remember is to always sync the timestamp between your camera's clock and the GPS device, so the matching and geotag overlays can be automated with software.

This is a good article on the Pros and Cons of Geotagging, including the topics of:

  • How to Geotag images

  • Is it worth it?

  • auto-geotagging and GPS devices

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Anonymous said...

Thansk for sharing the Pros and
cons of using different geotagging devices. Actually I love both the idea of GPS data recording into the EXIF of the photo and traits and footprints. I love the product which can combine these two function together. And I now know only Solmeta can do that. Hope to see more discussion and post about geotagging devices.