Friday, May 8, 2015


For some, a visit with nature allows you time to reflect, to rejuvenate, to destress, or even to give you perspective from your daily life. Whatever your reason, nature provides us many wonderful views and experiences if we only take the time. Make the time. This location was such a treat and a very hard climb to get to, especially carrying a lot of gear on slippery rocks, in-and-out of a hollow. To give you some scale, this waterfall is approx. 35 feet tall. There's so much to see in this photograph, even the tiny waterfall on the left side. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome.

This area is located near the township of Batson, where the population density is only 7 people per square mile.
Johnson County, Arkansas. March, 2015.
Photo # KS7_6010-19hbws.
(c) Kelly Shipp Photography.

The EXIF displayed on is wrong. The actual length is just over 4 secs.


Unknown said...

This is just beautiful, Kelly.
So peaceful.

Kelly Shipp said...

Thanks Lisa!