Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"It's a Small World"...

A striking photograph, surprisingly diverse when you look at it closely and then far away. When I photographed this, I patiently waited until the setting sun was almost exclusively striking this patch of wild grass. I was mesmerized. This small patch of grass was literally growing among large rocks with roots exposed below, and thriving. Wow, the metaphors abound. Once I began to study this photograph, I found more. You'll notice, in the background, the large rock has fungus dispersed on it's surface. Now imagine the fungus were clouds and you're really looking at earth from space. The grass could easily be the edge of the heavens. The rock to the bottom-right could easily be another planet surface.

If you study this photograph full-screen, your may quickly seek your own interpretations and metaphors. As I mentioned, this photograph looks completely different from across the room.
I welcome comments.

Location: central Arkansas. April/2014.
Photo # IM3_7040bw.
(c) Kelly Shipp Photography.


Lisa Gordon said...

This is a truly breathtaking photograph, Kelly.

Kelly Shipp said...

Thanks Lisa!